Peter Creedon facing sideline ban after referee blast –

Tipperary manager Peter Creedon’s scathing criticism of referee David Coldrick could see him facing a sideline ban.

Creedon was irate with the Meath official following Sunday’s defeat to Armagh, when Jamie Clarke kicked the winning point after the signalled two minutes of injury-time.

Under a new sanction brought in by Central Council in November, officials who make derogatory comments about referees before or after games face withdrawal of sideline privileges.

The punishment was introduced as a fairer form than the previous penalty, which was an eight-week ban as it was deemed a misconduct charge considered to have discredited the GAA. Last week, GAA director general Páraic Duffy said the association were now “more ready” to tackle the issue.

Although Coldrick was within his rights to allow more time as the official term is “at least” two minutes, Creedon queried the referee’s time-keeping. “The linesman beside me told the referee that time was up and he played another minute after that, so that sums it up for me, really,” said Creedon. “I don’t know what David Coldrick was at, the linesman definitely said when the goalie was kicking the ball out ‘David the time is up’ and he played another minute. Our lads were superb and I won’t take anything away from them, but the performance of the referee was atrocious.”

Creedon is understood to have expanded about Coldrick in an interview with Tipp FM where he said “the referee did us out of the match”. “I thought David Coldrick had a howler.” He continued about Coldrick: “He’s not fit for inter-county refereeing. Not on that performance anyway, because if he’s reffing in places like Armagh with a partisan crowd, he has to be brave enough and bold enough to make the right calls, and he made an awful lot of dubious ones. I know we’re not supposed to be giving out about referees but we’re putting too much effort into this to be robbed by the ref at the end.”