Tipperary – Munster Senior Football Champions 1918

“Even Strong Men Were Moved to Tears”

The Death and Funeral of Michael Hogan



“He was the most inoffensive man I ever knew”

Templederry man and Bloody Sunday victim Daniel Carroll








Tommy Ryan: A Bloody Sunday Witness 1921



Jane Boyle was the only female to die on Bloody Sunday in Croke Park. She was due to be married five days later to Tipperary man Daniel Byron but instead, her life was cut cruelly short. This is her story.

Jane Boyle – A Bloody Sunday Victim

Interview by Paddy Doherty with Bill Ryan (Laha) about Bloody Sunday




Bloody Sunday – A Brief Account

Sunday, November 21st, 1920 saw one of the darkest events in both the history of the GAA and Ireland itself. Here is a brief account on the awful events of that day.




Tipperary’s First All-Ireland Minor Title, 1934

In 1934 the Tipperary footballers won the county’s very first All-Ireland minor football title. Along the way they lost their opening match to Clare and never actually played the final. Here is their story.



Three is a Magic Number

 Tipperary’s Three Munster Titles in 1935





The Curious Incident of the Missing Minor Trophy

 The Story of the Tipperary Minor Footballers of 1955




Nineteen Eighty-Four – The Last Men in Munster

The Story of the Tipperary Minor Footballers of 1984



Mark Sheahan (Nenagh Éire Óg) reflects on his inter-county career

Mark Sheahan

Read his story here.

The Year of the Underdog – The Tipperary Minor Footballers, Munster Champions 1995




1995 Bloody Sunday Commemoration Match Programme


















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Who fears to speak of ’98? The story of the Tipperary junior football team, Munster and All-Ireland champions 1998