The Men in White and Green by Davy Fitzgerald

The Men in White and Green by Davy Fitzgerald


In the year of 2020
Amidst pandemic Covid-19
30 proud Tipperary men
They donned the white and green
To honour Michael Hogan
And 13 more the Tans had slayed
For a week each night
We stood upright
And for victory we prayed


We went down to Páirc Uí Chaoimh
Tó face the might of Cork
There was a buzz of expectation
From Grangemockler to New York
When Conor Sweeney led us out
All our hearts they swelled with pride
To see the newest generation
Honour those hero’s that had died


Evan Comerford was number one
His club Kilsheelan and Kilcash
He roared to Shocks Feehan and Campbell
Lads we’ll give this one mighty lash
There was Robbie Kiely and Bill Maher
Our wing-backs and they were flyin’
Between them Kevin Fahey with the heart of a raging lion


Stephen O Brien from Ballina,
Conal Kennedy from Clonmel
They would not yield without a fight
They made all Tipp’s hearts swell
O Riordan with rebel blood from Fethard and Templemore
Returned to do his County proud
From the far Australian shore


There was Brian Fox
Who worked off his socks
Tipps finest servant that is true
Between them at eleven
Was our all-star Mickey Q
Mickey and young Sweeney
Kicked the finest points I’ve seen
For the honour of Mick Hogan
And the mighty white and green


Conor Sweeney at full forward
He played a captains part
He kicked the ball between the posts,
To give us the best start
The older Kennedy Coleman who in two thousand and eleven
Kicked a scorching goal against the Dubs
That brought us all to heaven


The last hero I’ll mention
From this day we’ll all remember
Is Cahir’s finest Liam Casey
Who’s some advert for Movember
His courage, strength and fielding
Were a pleasure to behold
On this day in the white and green
The next in blue and gold


The race was run and Tipp had won
The first since ’35
Davy Power, Mckeever and our Bloss
They’re dreams, are kept alive
Dublin’s Paddy Christie
And Tommy Toomey from Arravale
Will have the homework done on mayo
To make sure we will prevail


Liam Boland and Jack Kennedy
Are two I have to name
As without their contribution
We’d not be here to play this game


Now lads there’s so many
I could go on and on
But whether we’re in white and green
Or blue and gold
We’ll all sing Sliabh na mBan


Tipp the Munster champions
Face a challenge from the West
On the sixth day of December
We will take on Mayo’s best
I have no doubt
‘Fore the year is out
A new story will be told
Of how the mighty men
In green and white
Brought home Sam in
Blue and Gold


Davy Fitzgerald 20-11-20