Your Support Matters

Your Support Matters

We all have that one special memory in sport. The one that stands out among the many others. The one that will never be forgotten. The one that picks us up when we’re feeling down. The one that years later is recalled as if it only happened yesterday.


Being from Tipperary we are so fortunate to have many of those special moments.


There was the magical day in 1987 when Richard Stakelum declared that the famine was over. Who can forget Catherina Hennessy’s dramatic late winner against Kilkenny in 1999 when Tipperary brought home the O’ Duffy Cup for the very first time? What about Aisling McCarthy’s goal last year in the intermediate All-Ireland final? Then of course there was the genius of Colman Kennedy in the 2011 All-Ireland minor final when, from outside the 21-yard line, he blasted home the winning goal.


Whatever your moment is there is something that links all of our memories together.




Supporters can make all the difference when, as Al Pacino referred to it, your team is in “a game of inches”. It can be the difference in encouraging a player to go the extra mile, to burst a gut to get the crucial block in or to have the confidence to pluck that ball from out of the sky and send it back with interest.


This Saturday Tipperary are playing Cork in the Munster senior football semi-final in Semple Stadium at 7pm and manager Liam Kearns has asked for your support in making this yet another memorable day for Tipperary football:


“The odds are stacked against us and we could do with all the support we can get. I ask as many Tipperary supporters as possible to turn up for the match and make as much noise as you can. The players have put in a huge effort and your support could be vital in determining the result of the match, you could be the difference and give us that little extra edge that we need.”


While chairman of the Tipperary Football Committee Barry O’ Brien is also seeking your support:


“This game is one of the most important that Tipperary football has played in a long time with the winners being not only assured of a Munster final place but are also one step away from the Super Eights. We appeal to as many Tipperary GAA supporters as possible to come to Semple Stadium on Saturday evening, bring all the colour you can and make as much noise as possible. The players have put in a monumental effort, not just in 2018 but over the last decade or so, to improve our standing in Gaelic football and they truly deserve massive support.”